Fat loss Diets -- How To Choose The Best Diet For You

Diets appear to come and go - the egg diet, the cabbage soup diet, WeightWatchers, the grapefruit diet, the Atkins Diet, the South Beach Diet, the GI Diet to name but a few. But what does it all mean? Do diets walk out fashion because we get bored with the food choices? Or perhaps do we find they don't work for us and move on to the next diet, each time believing that this is the one which will miraculously shift those extra pounds? Is there any reason why one diet might work better than the next? Does it matter what sort of foods we consume, or is it not all nearly calories?

One thing is for sure. There are many different diets, and deciding which one to try can be very difficult. Most of us probably wrap up while using the one our friends or relations are doing! But bearing in mind that the statistics say that most people who lose weight gain it back again, go on another diet and so become caught in a metabolism-lowering vicious circle of yo-yo dieting, is this the best policy? Perhaps we really need to be a little more scientific about it?

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Certainly, low calorie/low body fat diets have been accepted for many years as the right way to lose weight. But the escalating rates of weight problems are best diets work an indication that reducing calories and body fat is not the whole story, and in fact, research is now telling us that these diets are not the best way to lose weight for most people.

So what is the best diet for losing weight? Research on the latest diets which restrict carbohydrates rather than fat or calories including the Atkins and other low carb diets are providing a steady stream of evidence that these are more effective for many of us. This is because reduced carb diets and the carefully related low GI (glycemic index) and low GL (glycemic load) diets understand how hormones such as insulin can affect our weight loss efforts. If we actually want to find a diet which works for us on a long lasting basis, we need to understand what these new diets are all about.

But where to start? There are so many different diet books we could choose to learn. Exactly how do we know whether a low carb or a low GI or low GL type of diet is best for us? And once we've made that choice, exactly how determine which specific diet to follow?

Finding impartial information on diets can be difficult, because most diet publications are written by the originators of the various diets themselves. It's important to get balanced view of the advantages and drawbacks of different types of diet and the science helping them. The 'Easy Guide to Low Carb, Reduced GI & Low GL Diets' does this by providing impartial, clear, to the point and easy to see information about these diets, the way they work, their safety, to best decide which one is best for you, where you get easy to follow diet and meal plans and techniques for getting started.

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